Apparently, there is something good about traffic and the rush hour. Aesthetically speaking though.🚘🚦 

Always. #intestinesftw (at Mang Larry’s Isaw, UP Diliman)

Amusing how you can recall such instances in your life that’s as if it was meant to be imprinted in your memory. In the past few months I have been reminiscing various occasions that made me laugh, cry, drunk, lonely, fart or whatever you can think of. Apparently it helps me cope up with the totally horrendous fact that I have not started working. Though, I have yet to express my thoughts on the ever-so-common “fresh grad blues” (which will be quite a hard thing to discuss). 

Today I was with my best friend whom I am happy to say is available every time I need someone to talk to (other than myself in the mirror haha). While having our weekly dose of coffee fix at the nearby cafe (which is practically our ultimate favorite bonding moment). 

This is where the “recalling such instances” part comes in. I thought about my favorite class in senior year today. Tourism Ethics. Sounds kinda foreign for those who are not Tourism majors but it’s basically philosophy. Actually I never really bothered asking anyone why we studied more on eastern and western philosophers than the tourism side of-whatever! As I was saying, I remember one of our classes where my professor was in the middle of discussing either Zhuang Zi or Lao Zi (sadly I do not have a sharp memory of these details but anyhow). The reason why I loved her class was because as she discusses the life and principles of the philosophers she relates it in real life, most of the time pertaining to how much social media has corrupted the simplicity of life. She then gave an instance where she was texted by her classmates in college for a little get together. She replied to agree and suggested to have it over coffee. The classmate, in surprise, replied "Aba, dati pa inom inom nalang ah ngayon coffee na lang". The class laughed at that story she shared and for some reason I recalled it today. Probably because it was about coffee but also pertaining to another. It’s beautiful to think that we can have an amazing time when we’re with the people we love and appreciate but what’s even more amazing is the fact that we aren’t really aware that we are slowly growing to maturity. Others may think of it as nothing but for me I kinda felt it too. It’s like, in a few years time people who I often see in clubs in their youth would now prefer having a beer or two at the nearby pub or grill of some sort. Funny how people change without even noticing it. I actually felt great after seeing Denn. She somehow makes everything seem okay. I mean despite our lack of affection towards one another (convinced by the idea that she’d rather punch me and i’d rather call her a whore would suffice as a term of endearment). 

Hooray for change.